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Commitment to Quality

At Nimble Nectar, we use only what you would find in your own kitchen. And we do extensive side by side comparisons of ingredients, to ensure every single one is the best possible. So yes…it means we drink lots of juice! Our products contain 100% all-natural real fruit juices, purified water, and pure cane sugar. No high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners or flavors, no chemicals, and no preservatives. We source local juices where possible and support local businesses (our packaging, marketing, and TEAM are home grown)!

100% Natural Ingredients

Supporting Local Farms

Bottled in Southern CA



We’re delighted to announce that Nimble Nectar is the 3-year back to back Champ at the San Diego Distilled Spirits Competition at the San Diego County Fair! We took home 3 Gold and 4 Silver medals in 2018 event, making Nimble Nectar the most awarded mixer in the competition. Our undefeated runs in the Mixers Competition and Best in Divisions from the 2016 and 2017 events continue to roll! 🙂

Our Story

The Year of the Dragon had just begun. Jason and Julie were living in Germany with their two children, and feeling a little removed from the fun they knew Jason’s side of the family would be having celebrating the Chinese New Year back in the U.S. among friends.

But today would be different. They were going to do something about it.

Jason went to the fridge and looked for something with which to start creating. He pulled out 100% cranberry juice. Lemons. A chunk of fresh ginger. Some vodka. Shaken over ice, strained into a couple martini glasses, and dusted with freshly micro-planed nutmeg. When Julie tasted, her eyes said it all. It was good. They christened it the Dragon Kiss, in honor of the occasion and the color which matched Julie’s lipstick. It was just one more moment of fun memories made with good drinks and great people. Each drink was as new and fresh as the thrill of ending your day in the company of people you love.

This is where Nimble Nectar began. It started slow with a few realizations about the joyous adventure of creating cocktails, then growing into an all-consuming passion. The more they shared their creations with friends, the more they wanted to do that with their lives—and share it with the world.

Soon they would get their chance.

In 2015, they started Nimble Nectar and have enjoyed every moment of mixing, naming and sharing their unique and delicious cocktail flavors with the world. Says Julie, “We get to help people enjoy the sunset with the people they love.”

Nimble Nectar - Our Story


Children’s Miracle Network

Nimble Nectar proudly supports Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals), a North American non-profit organization that raises funds for medical research and community awareness of children’s health issues. The organization, founded in 1983, has raised more than $4.7 billion which is distributed directly to a network of 170 children’s hospitals across the country.

Nimble Nectar is a proud supporter of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Maddie & Bupa

Nimble Nectar - Children's Miracle Network Hospitals - Maddie and Grandpa
We are proud to partner with Costco Wholesale in Tustin, CA to support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. When our daughter Maddie was about a year and a half old, she came down with a serious infection and had to spend about a week in a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. As parents, we were beside ourselves. You can imagine that everything else in the world stops for parents in moments like these. But she recovered fully, and we are so grateful for the incredible staff and wonderful support she received. Nonetheless, we know that there are millions of families every year in situations just like we were, many spending much more time in the hospital than we did. We are proud to support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals as they provide comfort, treatment and hope to millions of families just like ours.
Nimble Nectar and Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals

Houston Food Bank

When Houston was hit by devastating flooding from Hurricane Harvey, we wanted to help Jason’s fellow Texans by donating through the great people at the Houston Food Bank. [insert joke about bad timing of drinking?] Cocktails aside, Nimble Nectar is shelf stable and high in vitamin C, helping out many in need when the refrigerated supply of fresh fruit and vegetables was disrupted. Cheers to Alonna Johnson and our friends @HoustonFoodBank, working hard every day to help those in need!

Nimble Nectar proudly support the Houston Food Bank

Imani Christian Schools

Our friends Bryan and Carrie have an extraordinary heart for the most desperately needy and vulnerable of this world, the orphans and extremely impoverished children of Embu, Kenya. Without help, these poor children have a very uncertain future. What can you think Bryan and Carrie did when they saw this need? These fellow entrepreneurs founded a school! @ImaniChristianSchool feeds, boards, and educates the neediest children of Embu, delivering these downtrodden children from utter desperation on the streets to a real chance in life. Going far beyond their basic needs, Imani provides them with an education that will equip them for college, for a future role in their government and society, and for a chance to change the future of their people. We’re so happy to support @TemeculaCoffeeRoasters, another venture of Bryan and Carrie, which buys coffee from the farmers of Kenya, creating a sustainable model to invest in the local economy and lift the children and people of Embu to a better future.

Nimble Nectar proudly support Imani Christian Schools

Temecula Valley School District

We love our schools in Temecula, CA and are so blessed by the dedicated teachers and administration who care for our kids. When we heard they wanted to build a new computer lab at our kids’ school, and were raising money to do so, we couldn’t think of a better investment. We’re so happy to be a small part of building that lab so that our kids have the best tech possible. Hats off to the amazing educators in Temecula, CA!

Nimble Nectar proudly support the Temecula Valley School District

Boys and Girls Club of America

We are proud to support Boys and Girls Club of America in their involvement with kids in the greater Temecula area. This great organization needs no introduction, and helps millions of kids and teens build essential skills, make lasting connections, and have fun. Hats off to the volunteers reaching the kids in our own back yard.

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Rose Again Foundation

We are proud to support Rose Again Foundation. This great local organization provides valuable programs and services that improve the health, wellness, education and self worth of foster children and emancipated foster youth, helping them heal from abuse, neglect, trauma, and the loss and separation of family. A deeply heart felt “well done!” goes out to the families and friends ministering to children and youth in the foster program.
Rose Again Foundation