California Lime


This bright, clean flavor of pure lime salutes our hometown of Temecula, California. The zesty vibrance you’ll find this bottle mirrors the dynamic optimism of Temecula and its must–see scene of wineries, craft distillery, and craft breweries.

Contains the juice of (x11) LIMES.

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Nimble Nectar - California Lime
This flavor pairs beautifully with:
  • Tequila
  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Whiskey
  • Sparkling Water
  • Yogurt and ice for smoothies

Popular Mixes

Cali Sunset

1.5 oz Tequila
4 oz California Lime + Sink pour Cranberry Ginger

Cali Summer

1.5 oz Vodka
4 oz California Lime

Whiskey Sour

1.5 oz Whiskey
4 oz California Lime

California Dreamin’

1.5 oz Rum
4 oz California Lime

California Cruisin’

1.5 oz Gin
4 oz California Lime + Sink pour Tart Cherry Lime

Cali Lime Refresher

4 oz Sparkling Water
2 – 4 oz California Lime, to taste

Nimble Smoothie

California Lime
Plain yogurt and ice, blend to perfection


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